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Schaff Landscaping

My name is Derek Schaff, owner of Schaff Landscaping. I started the business because of my love for the outdoors and nature. Ever since I was a young kid I enjoyed working outdoors. Doing small side jobs for people in the neighborhood. I went to school for computer programming and had a successful career in that but never felt satisfied with what corporate america had to offer. I ventured out on my own and never looked back. 


Our company is founded on the simple principal of quality service, professionalism, and providing people with affordable landscaping. Their might be bigger companies out there but there are none that care about your property more than we do. We are owner operated, meaning I oversee all work done. I am very meticulous and want to make sure your happy with all the work that is done. We are fully insured and have plenty of references. 


We realize you have a choice when it comes to your property landscaping needs and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and provide you with a free quote on any services. Bigger companies charge more because they have higher overhead. Don't overpay for something you could get done better and cheaper. I can beat majority of the estimates you get on landscaping services and provide you with much better service. 


Thank you for taking the time to look into our company. We look forward to meeting you!


Derek Schaff - President of Schaff Landscaping 

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