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Snow Plowing & Salting 2023/2024 Season 

We offer plowing services to commercial properties and some residential.


For commercial plowing & Salting we offer the following services :

  • Seasonal contracts custom tailored to your companies needs

  • Limited Contracts (If you would rather pay a flat rate per plow and prepay for a specific amount up front you can)

  • On Demand plowing (You decide when you want your driveway plowed and schedule it on our website)

For Residential plowing we can do unlimited contracts, however we do not guarantee early morning arrival times due to our commercial obligations. If you are flexible on that aspect please contact us 585.355.1325 or email us at

Some common plowing questions :

Are you insured?


YES fully insured with proof. Never allow a contractor on your property without verifying their liability insurance.

How early do you come?


We typically start plowing at 2-3am depending on when the snow event occurs. Our #1 goal is to get all our routes done before people leave for work and return in the afternoon if the snow is still falling. We don't wait until all the snow falls and then go out like some other companies. 

Do you repair any lawn damage?


YES for sure. We are a full service landscaping company and in the event any lawn is damaged we will repair it in the spring. It is also in our contract. 

Do you shovel walkways or other areas?


Yes we can. However that isn't part of the normal unlimited contract. Those services are additional and the price depends on the needs and size of the area to be shoveled. 

My snow blower broke or I am sick can you do my driveway one time?


Yes we offer on demand plowing for people who don't need or want it all the time. Simple schedule online with us on our site and we will take care of it. 

Do I have to pay for the season upfront before snow comes?


Most of our unlimited snow plowing contracts require full payment in advance. We can under certain circumstances divide the payment up into two installments. We try to work with everyone's needs. 

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