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As winter gets closer to ending its time to start thinking about what you want to do in spring in order to get your lawn and property into shape. Here at Schaff Landscaping we provide all the most common spring services.

SPRING CLEANUPS : Many people weren't able to get their leaves picked up due to the early onset of winter this past year. Our spring cleanup service includes removing all debris from your lawn and planting beds. (Leaves, sticks). Freshening the lawn up and removing all the debris from the grass will enable your lawn to breath better and accept sunlight and water easier. Pricing for spring cleanups vary due to lawn sizes and how much debris needs to be cleared.

Core Aeration : This service is common in the spring or the fall. Over the winter your lawn gets packed down with the snow the accumulates on it. When your lawn is core aerated we run a machine over it that pokes 2-3" holes in your lawn. In doing so it reduces soil compaction and creates a clear channel for which oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate your soil. The plugs that are pulled from the machine lay on the lawn surface and disintegrate.

Lawn Dethatching : This is very common service in the spring. In order to do this we run a different machine over your lawn that is designed to remove the dead layer of grass from your lawn. The dead layer is not always visible at first glance. It acts as a barrier. Its basically dead turfgrass that blankets your lawn at the soil level. It's bad because it limits your lawns ability to absorb sunlight, water and nutrients. It can also create issues with insects that can damage your lawn.

SCHAFF LANDSCAPING would love the opportunity to provide you with a free estimate on your property. We can stop out, take a look and give our suggestions on what would work best on your lawn.

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