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New Service in 2019!

Schaff Landscaping is offering a new service this year to help homeowners stay weed free in their planting beds. Putting down fresh mulch or stone in your planting areas can make any landscaping look amazing. However, nothing is worse that watching weeds slowly take it over and quickly ruin the appearance of them either. We are offering a new service where we come over and look over all your planting areas. Initially we may need to do a one time cleanup to get everything in order. This includes removing all leaves, sticks and weeds from your planting areas. Once everything is in order and looking perfect we offer a service where we will come by once a week and remove weeds, or debris from your planting areas. We guarantee they will look perfect all season long. We charge a monthly fee (starting at $19.95 and up) for the service and the price will depend on how much of an area we will be maintaining. Let us keep you property looking perfect. Spend your weekends enjoying your yard without the worry of watching mother nature slowly take it over.

If your interested in a free estimate please call us at 585.355.1325 or email us at

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